Dorothy Hamm Middle School Arlington Va (Who was Dorothy Hamm?)

The new Dorothy Hamm Middle School is currently in use as the H-B Woodlawn and Stratford programs. 4100 Vacation Ln, Arlington, VA 22207
Soon H-B Woodlawn will relocate to its new location in Rosslyn.
Dorothy Hamm middle school will be home to almost 1000 students and open fall of 2019.
I was curious who is Dorothy Hamm?
This information is from the Library of Virginia:
Hamm and her son, Edward Leslie Hamm Jr., joined a civil action case in 1956 that sought to end segregation in Arlington schools. In 1958, a U.S. District Court judge ordered that four African American children be admitted to the all-white Stratford Junior High School the following year, making it the first white public school in Virginia to admit African Americans students.

How fitting to name this new school after Mrs. Hamm. She was a pioneer in making our city/county a better place.

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