Selling Privately? Are you getting the best sales price?

Recently a seller asked my opinion on selling a property. This property was home to the same family for over 40 years! It needed a lot of updating. The property needed a new kitchen, new bathrooms, central air conditioning and more. Plus, it was full of stuff! The owner said they wanted to sell it for the highest price possible. This was their retirement. The owner interviewed more than 6 Realtors for the job of selling the property. I showed the owner the sales history of the area. There were 5 properties that once they hit the market had multiple offers and sold with in 2 weeks. An investor made a private offer to this seller. And rather than letting the property go to market, the seller accepted the investor’s offer. Obviously, the seller had their reasons. My point is when selling privately or pre-market, if you receive one offer, be encouraged that there are other buyers willing to make you an offer. Don’t settle. Why would this be the only offer?
My advice is bring the property to market and let potential buyers compete to get you the best sales price!

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