You might live in Arlington if…..

You might live if Arlington if…..

Just a small collection of funny observations

You might live if Arlington if…..

you and your significant other each have your own preference for dry cleaners

having a second child, means time to hire a second nanny

your spare fridge in the basement has water and ice accessible in the door.

you have a FONZ sticker on your car

your radio only gets NPR

you had a Five Guys hamburger before the rest of the country

you have a catering company prepare your child’s school lunches

you have ever been on a wait list for a pre-school or elementary school

you still call it “National Airport”

you have ridden your bike to work

You know where the Quarterdeck restaurant is.

Harris Teeter is simply “The Teeter”

you can not decide on which park to go to.

you have reserved a tennis court online

you have donated to, the very worthy cause, AFAC

you know where all the dog parks are

feel free to suggest more… you might live in Arlington if……..

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